Everything You Need To Know About Hydroflight Sports and Competition

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With the various kinds of sports that are constantly evolving, the Hydroflight sports sure do sure a position in the top of the list. This addition to the list of adventure sports is gaining a lot of popularity with the passing day, and people are actually a lot intrigued by it. There are some major things about the competition that many of the aspirants are not aware of which can be pretty bad if ignored. This article is to mainly point out those important things and clauses encircling not just the hydroflight sports but the competition as well.

What Are Hydroflight Sports?

Before we further proceed into the technicalities, it is best to have a clear idea about this sport and the dynamics of it. The Hydroflight sports is the division of sports in which the propulsion initiated using a water jet creates and aids in creating that sustained flight while the person that is propelled controls the movements and motion of their body with the help of any propulsion device.

The hydroflight competition started in the year 2012 which is not that long ago, but this category of the sport has been gaining a lot of recognition with each passing day. There are a number of training centers all across the world which train and coach several of the interested beginners for the sport.


What Are Some Of The Important Hydroflightequipment?

With the rapid growth of hydroflight sport, the equipment and products are evolving as well. While there is some very common equipment, there are some newest additions that are being channeled each day. The three most important equipment that is used in the hydroflight sport include:

  • Jetboards: The Jetboards are the hydroflight equipment that consists of the jets on either side of the board. The person is tightly strapped on the top of the deck where the boots and the bindings are bound. The controls for the board are in direct relation to the propulsion by the water jet. It is best to disperse the body weight evenly and even maintain the angling of the feet for a better flight.
  • Jetpacks: Just as the name suggests, it is somewhat similar to what a backpack would look like. The Jetpacks are the hydroflight device which is attached to the back of the person, and the jets are situated on either of the shoulders. The person is attached to a safety harness, but the direction and motion of the flight are completely in control of the person.
  • Jetbikes: The Jetbikes is similar to that of the normal bikes and contains a motorcycle kind of seat where the person sits. It consists of a jet which is located under the seat along with two other smaller jets that are located in the front of the bike. The operation of this equipment is somewhat similar to how a person rides a bike.


Hydroflight Competitions

As mentioned priorly, the Hydroflight sports are not something that has been going around for a long time and not even a decade. The popular hydroflight competitions started in the year 2012. The hydroflight competitions can be classified into three distinct categories depending on the equipment used.

Some of the most popular competition categories include:

  • HydroJam & Expo
  • Hydro Fest 2016
  • Hydroflight World Championship
  • Louisiana Hydroflight Invitational
  • Flyboard European Championship 2016
  • North American Flyboard Championship 2015
  • Flyboard World Cup 2013
  • Japan Flyboard World Cup

Some Important Rules for the Competition

There are several important clauses and rules encircling the hydroflight championships, and it is better to be clear about them to avoid being disqualified.


These rules are primarily divided into three major steps as mentioned:

  • Registration

This is one of the very first yet mandatory steps that should be done as per the mentioned rules. All the registration forms and guidelines are all mentioned in the salient website of the competition.

  • Video Pre-Selection

If you are someone who is a novice, this step is mandatory. This is not required for the ones who have already entered the competition priorly. A video resume for the qualification is necessary. The judge’s panel reviews the videos, and the competitors are then contacted if qualified to the next realm.

  • Qualifying Round

The final yet the most scintillating round is the qualifying round where all the finalists then compete. The finalists perform three tricks each varying for a time span of 1 minute 30 seconds from which the best trick and act wins the title.

While the competition has been gaining a lot of popularity, there is a number of safety risks included in the sport as well. Every single dimension of this sport is evolving, and even the amount of training centers for preparing the beginners for the competition for the sport has been increasing in number as well. This sport might have risks involved but what is life without a few risks.