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All things Bermudian I like to called Bermudiana, now that phrase has a few extra connotaions on the island, firstly there was a major hotel here known as the Bermudiana which closed some time ago, there is also Sisyrinchium bermudiana, which is known as Bermudiana that is actually a blue green coloured grass.

On this page I plan to add resources which have caught my eye in some way as they are connected to the island here.

So lets kick this page off.

Bermuda Tourist board the Government run site dedicated to promoting our lovely island.

Lonely Planet Bermuda – The Famous guide book has a section on Bermy

Wiki Voyage – A cool Wiki all about travel locations and places to see

Bermuda’s top Attractions – look no further than this very site, I’ve actually got a good number of blog posts covering this topic already on Bermudian Life!

Bermuda National Trust – Something similar to the UK version but a lot smaller of course.

Bermuda as an offshore business location – we do attract a lot of high value companies and their supporting Accountants and lawyers.

Bank of Bermuda – my own bankers, part of HSBC Group the international banking group, who actually are rumoured to be planned to dispose of their Bermuda subsidiary I hope not as I love the international link.

Job Board Bermuda – A great place to find a job in Bermy if you don’t have one already.

As time goes by I’ll add to this list with more fun and notable places and businesses who I know and like to help along.  There are plenty of friends who run small businesses and shops I like, as I find their websites I’ll slowly add them as every little bit of extra traffic always helps as I sure know!.

Mix the newbie Social Media site – has a Bermuda section and it even includes a couple of mentions of this blog )) It is great to see that we are getting traction and being seen as a part of Bermudian scene on the web.  I don’t know too much about that site other than it was a nice look and feel and is picking up masses of links from all around the internet.

Selling items with a Bermudian theme from my private collection, you can find Bermudian memorabilia here.

Art in Bermuda – there are so many great artists and the island is ideal for art work itself, see my growing collection of Bermudian Art over at Society6