Welcome 2020

Another year has gone by again.  I hardly had a chance to work on my blog this year, hopefully I won’t be saying the same come 31st Dec 2020!   This year I was with my family in the UK and we all watched the London fireworks to welcome in the New year.   It really […]

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Saltus School

Saltus School Founded in 1880, Saltus is an independent grammar school located in the Pembroke Parish of Bermuda. The school was boys only for around a hundred years before switching to co-educational in 1992. Students aged 4 – 18 are eligible to apply to this independent day school. There are currently two campuses, the Lower […]

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Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach Resort Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa is located on Blue Hole Hill in Hamilton, surrounded by 21 acres of wonderful tropical plants and other garden delights, as well as sparkling turquoise waters, and beaches with the finest pink sand you could imagine. There are dozens of different activities and interesting things […]

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Yacht pics I am collecting

As many of you who know me realise by now I am crazy about boats, yachts and sailing, I love nothing more than being down the Marina talking about boats with my buddies attending regattas and even repairing and cleaning up them. I collect loads of boating type of things at home and have many […]

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Raising money for charity

From time to time I like to support charities, there are two I am helping to raise funds for both in the UK. Hyelm – was where I lived for a period whilst in London its a great charity aimed at helping Young People have somewhere nice to live in London UK RLSS UK – […]

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Gombey / Gombi dancers

What is Gombey? Gombey is a kind of combination of Bermuda’s traditional folk music and dance. It is the most famous in the island. It has its origins in three different cultures: British, West African and indigenous new-world. Gombey dancers are mostly male, performing in groups of 10 to 30 members. While this is traditional […]

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The Gibbs Lighthouse

“The Gibbs Lighthouse – Bermuda”  The Gibbs Lighthouse in Bermuda is one the most famous tourist attraction in not only Southampton Parish but also in the whole world. This light house is one of its own kind. It was made from cast iron, the oldest of its own kind in the world. The construction of […]

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Bermuda’s Singing Tree frogs

Bermuda’s Singing Tree frogs Bermuda Island has a unique set of things that make it stand out as a unique place on earth. Our British territory has a mixture of American culture but it is the natural environment and animals that make it exceptional. Bermuda may be a beautiful Island known for its playful dolphins […]

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