My Catamaran – The Lady Chislaine

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I bought a new boat, or to be exact traded in my old boat for a newer catamaran, which I have named the Lady Chislaine, here are some pics of her, I only really started sailing her towards the very end of Dec 2018, so you can see she is is almost brand new condition.


The Queen bunk



The Galley area


View of the navigation panel


Forward view from the navigation panel


Shower and rest room area

I’ve joined a sailing blog now, which I am enjoying contributing to, you can find my area and posts there also, it is a great community site full  of loads of like minded sailors with many interest groups, such as those interested in sailing to the Bahamas.

There is nothing quite like messing around in boats, and I really enjoy all things boat related, fixing them, navigating them, talking about them, meeting other boat orientated people and of course the best part of all sailing as much as I can in my spare time.  Bermuda is really great for sailing as there are many reefs to explore, and as I am keen scuba diver also I can combine my interests together easily.


The location was beautiful it took around 4 days to reach there, then 4 nights there and 4 days sailing back home to Bermy


Sailing in Antigua during the August 2018


She was berthed in Cyprus and whilst it would have been a fantastic adventure in its own right to have flown over there and sailed her all of the way back here to Bermy that was a more than a bit too much time wise for me to take on, plus the North Sea can be very challenging conditions wise.   So I have somewhat embarassingly to admit arranged a company to sail her across for me.   I know her previous owner so it has helped everyone all around, and prices of boats even allowing for import duty are high here, just like everything else!