Bermudian Companies

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As I am an Englishman I love to keep an eye on Bermudian companies registered in Bermuda that operate in the UK. I am adding companies one by one as a I come across them, so you may need to keep coming back to this page and checking on progress.  I find it fascinating to see what companies are up to.  Of course Bermuda earns nice fees from a lot of companies that are registered here.

Anyway here is my list so far

York Investments (Bermuda) Ltd



Bermuda House Securities Ltd – not registered in Bermuda but seems to have connections

A great thing in Bermuda is that we don’t have any Corporation Tax, Income Tax or VAT so clearly there are attractions to having a base here if you operate in a high tax country such as the United Kingdom.  My background is Chartered Accountancy, hence my interest in companies, I work for a leading international audit firm, one good part of which is I get to travel a fair bit also, mostly USA, Canada, occassionally back to the UK.  I had  a trip to Switzerland in Nov 2017 which was kinda nice also.