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I moved to Bermuda in 2010 with my wife and kids, at first it was a challenge living on a small island, but I quickly found that I adapted to the live here. I love sailing which obviously helps as so much on the island is related to the sea. I also don’t live the cold and especially not the wet, so the UK was not ideal for me. I love scuba also Bermuda however ticks all my boxes.

I planned to stay for a year or two, but now I can’t see myself leaving, I’ve bought a house, work full time, I am looking at starting a business locally, though without Bermudian status that is not possible alone. My two girls really love it here, we spend weekends at the beach and they both attend a great school Saltus Grammar.

Before moving to Bermuda I bought a villa in Cyprus and the plan was to spend the summers there and eventually retire, now I have a home / house in Bermy and a villa in Cyprus, but I don’t get to go there, and infact went to Cyprus 3 times looking for the villa, twice when I purchased it and then rented it out, then never again since!


We have a pool and a garden so can’t really ask for more.

I spend a lot of time out and about, the weather here is balmy all year around, so I get to do a lot of cycling, running, swimming and sailing.     My girls spend most of their free time out in the sun and enjoying the tropical air here.


There are many familar things on the island, we drive on the left, have British style bobbies, and there are many expats here to keep me company. Most of my friends are Canadian, Bermudian or USA though, just chance I guess and the company I work for.

Life here is really special. Watch the following video to get an idea of the life and atmosphere here.


Incomes are high here and there is no income tax, no corporation tax, no vat, of course living costs are very high but you adapt your finances once you get used to things.  We also have tree frogs and lots of them.

You can get an idea what the Singing Tree frogs of Bermuda are like from the above video!

As many of you will know I am into sailing in a big way, I finally joined up with sailblogs, see my profile / blog on that nework, its a strong site with a good and interesting community to it, I’ve been lurking there for a few years, but its my 2019 new years resolution to get things done which I started with that on 1st Jan 2019!

More news – I now have my own Bermudian Life store care of cafepress – check out our Store here.