A Guide to the Beautiful Beaches in Bermuda

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Bermuda's pink sand

Bermuda has lots to offer tourists, and there’s no doubt that its 34 beaches, which if combined would stretch for over 70 miles, are a major attraction. From secluded beaches perfect for a romantic rendezvous or spot of meditation, to family friendly locations , there’s a beach to suit all tastes.

Although a third of all public beaches are found in South Shore National Park, there are beaches in every parish of Bermuda; so wherever you decide to stay you’ll find one close to hand.

Pink Sand

Many beaches do have the infamous pink sand – which is a blend of sea shell and coral debris, but not all. Head for beaches on the south shore if pink sand is a must see. (You are not allowed to take the sand home, but it is sold in many gift shops.)

Take Care!

Not all beaches have lifeguards, and those which do tend to hire for the summer only. Coral and jellyfish can both cause distressing injuries, while sudden shelving, unpredictable currents and changeable water conditions can make unsupervised swimming in the water risky for children at some beaches.

Here the beaches most worth visiting have been included, and categorized as far as possible by the groups they most appeal to, although of course there is some crossover in several listings.

Bermuda’s beaches are open from sunrise to sunset but overnight stays/camping are not allowed.

Good for Peace Seekers

Hog Bay Beach (Sandy’s Parish)

  • Small and secluded so usually very quiet
  • Takes around 15 minutes to reach on foot through the park
  • Accessible only during low tide so check timings carefully

Astwood beach

Astwood Cove Beach (Warwick Parish)

  • Although small it is quiet and secluded, so rarely busy
  • Good for strong swimmers and serious snorkelers
  • Getting there involves a fair walk on a steep path
  • No facilities or shops
  • Great for photographers and artists

Warwick Long Bay Beach (South Shore Park)

  • Pink sand
  • Lots of space
  • Secluded
  • Good for snorkeling
  • Snorkeling equipment rental and refreshments available in summer season
  • Not suitable for younger children unless constantly supervised due to shelving, strong currents and rough water

Church Bay beach

Snorkeling Spots

Church Bay Beach (Southampton Parish)

  • Excellent snorkeling
  • Very small sandy beach with many rocks – not good for sunbathing
  • Not really suitable for children due to sharp slope in sea bed
  • Limited facilities (public bathrooms and picnic tables only)

Tobacco Bay Park (St. George’s Parish)

  • Popular with local people
  • Popular with snorkelers
  • White sand
  • Small so gets full quickly
  • Option to rent sun-loungers, sunshades and snorkeling equipment
  • Safe for children

Tobacco Bay Beach

Family Favourites

Clarence Cove (Spanish Point; Pembroke Parish)

  • A 2 mile walk or short bus ride from Hamilton
  • Both small beaches are reached via a path inside Admiralty House Park
  • Safe for children
  • Very busy during July and August

Somerset Long Bay Park Beach (Somerset Village; Sandy’s Parish)

  • Safe for children to swim
  • White sandy beach
  • Generally very quiet during the week
  • Good for snorkelers

Elbow Beach (Tribe Road #4, Paget Parish)

  • Pink sand
  • Part public, part private
  • On a bus route
  • Calm waters –safe for children to swim
  • Popular with family groups
  • Fee payable to enter [public] beach area, which covers access to changing area, beach chairs and refreshment facilities


Quiet Spots

Parson’s Bay (Lagoon Park, Sandy’s Parish)

  • White sand
  • Generally quiet
  • No public transport available

Mangrove Bay (Sandy’s Parish)

  • Close to Somerset Village, a popular shopping area
  • Generally quiet during the week
  • Safe to swim but children need supervision

 Horseshoe Bay

Busy Beaches

Some beaches are real draws for tourists, so if you like being around people head for these.

Horseshoe Bay (South Shore Park, Southampton Parish)

  • Mostly busy on weekdays and very busy at weekends
  • Shallow water makes it popular with families
  • Said to be one of the prettiest beaches in Bermuda
  • Pink sand
  • Quietest time is very early morning
  • Strong swimmers can snorkel [rental equipment is available]
  • Light meals and snacks can be bought on the beach
  • Showers, bathrooms and changing areas are available
  • Shops, cafes and bathrooms are plentiful

Port Royal Cove (South Shore Park; Southampton Parish)

  • Small but popular so expect to share the limited sand space
  • Good snorkeling for strong swimmers
  • Pink sand
  • Popular with families

John Smith’s Bay Park and Beach (South Road, Smith’s Parish)

  • Very popular with locals so usually busy, particularly on weekends
  • Safe for children
  • Good for snorkelers
  • Lifeguards are on duty during the summer
  • Mobile refreshment facilities set up shop in the summer months (nothing available in the other months)
  • Bathrooms are available year round

Shelley Bay Beach

Shelly Bay Beach (South Road, Hamilton Parish)

  • Very good for small children
  • Sailing (Hobie Cat or Pedalo) and snorkeling (plus equipment rental) opportunities
  • Well stocked shop offering snacks, drinks, bathrooms, changing areas and lockers
  • Beach chairs, towels, umbrellas etc can be rented by the hour