The Appeal of the Bermuda Perfumery ‘Lili Bermuda’

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Bermuda is an archipelago of 181 islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the British Overseas Territory.  The islands are dotted with beautiful beaches and clear blue water which draws numerous tourists around the year. The island also possesses several volcanoes which make it more appealing. Tourists love to tour around the place and often delve into scuba diving and snorkeling and occasionally the thrill of cliff jumping. Bermuda has quite good tropical weather but it is also prone to hurricanes at times. Bermuda is quite well known for its forests which contain beautiful trees and sweet smelling flowers and is known for plants like Bermuda Cedar and coconut palms. To take away the essence of Bermuda you have to visit The Bermuda Perfumery and live the right vacation.


Let’s Know A Little About the Bermuda Perfumery

‘Lili Bermuda’ was formed to represent the beautiful place that Bermuda is. The perfumes and colognes will take you back to the salty air and sunny surrounding of the nature surrounding Bermuda. The perfumes are made with love and are exclusive to the island. The creator of the perfumes is Isabelle Ramsey-Brackstone and she has picked all the scents through scrupulous processes. She makes sure that every perfume is bottled by hands and gives satisfaction to the customers and the perfumery was established way back in 1928.

The perfumery has gained acclaim through the years as it has appeared in well-known newspapers and magazines like Elle, The New York Times, InStyle etc. The exclusives perfumes also got a feature on TV shows like CBS this morning and the Bachelorette. As the perfumes are made with gentle care and are handmade, the owner has made sure that they are only available in their exclusive shop in Bermuda and in their online website

Where Is The Shop Located?

The Lili Bermuda is situated in the historic Stewart Hall on 5 Queen Street St George’s GE 05 and it is open from 9 am to 5 pm in the summer time and 10 am to 4 pm in the winter time. The shop is open all days except Sundays.


What Can You Do In The Perfumery?

  • If you love perfumes then this can be the right place for you as every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm they hold a workshop in which you can create your own unique scent. The master perfumer herself will guide you through the history of the various perfumes and scents and you will be intoxicated with the knowledge. You will be filled with the essence of essential oils and you will get to see the place where they are produced. You can easily register for a workshop on their website.
  • Afternoon high tea is a unique feature to the perfumery that is held every Wednesday and Saturday. You will be greeted with the lush gardens of Stewart hall and you can enjoy the treats and the great tea that they provide. You can choose from a variety of natural teas, sandwiches and scones served with honey and cream. The caterer for the event is Sweet P and the registration can be done by calling the perfumery.

What Does The Perfumery Offer In Terms Of Fragrances?

There is an array of fragrances that you can choose from and they have meticulously divided it into male and female scents. Some of the options are:

In Female:

  • Coral is one of their best-known fragrances and it is fresh and reminds you of the spring. It has elegant notes of freesias and white rose and also the sea engulfing Bermuda.
  • Lily pays heed to the heritage of Bermuda and it smells like the freshness of the islands. It has an amalgamation of fruitiness and floral in it.
  • Marie Celestia is quite a special addition to their collection as it is made in honor of perfume bottles found in a 150-year old shipwreck. The very perfume is made to mimic the scent of those perfumes and has the notes of grapefruit and a zesty citrus in it.


In Male:

  • Cedar is tough and mature like a man and embraces the notes of Bergamot and Juniper Berry.
  • 64 West represents the longitude of Bermuda and has the tones of a nature inspired woody and citrusy touch to it.
  • Calypso is entangles with the summer of Bermuda and takes us to the music and life force of the islands. It has notes of Bermuda Sea Grass which will always remind you of the oceans and freshness.

The perfumery has opened many boutiques throughout Bermuda where shoppers can easily pick up one of their perfumes and also take gift packs back home. The perfume lovers may restock the items from their website and they also offer free shipping on a purchase worth $100 and above. They also provide special dedication to weddings if people request it.