Saltus School

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Saltus School

Founded in 1880, Saltus is an independent grammar school located in the Pembroke Parish of Bermuda. The school was boys only for around a hundred years before switching to co-educational in 1992.

Students aged 4 – 18 are eligible to apply to this independent day school. There are currently two campuses, the Lower Primary for students aged from foundation year to year 2, and the Upper Primary, which is for students through to the end of secondary school.

Saltus School is an accredited member of, and therefore run to the strict standard and guidelines for excellence, of both CAIS – Canada’s independent education accrediting body, and (NAIS), the National Association of Independent Schools in North America, which guarantee that standards are high, and are monitored regularly for quality assurance.

Saltus School‘s History

Saltus is Bermuda’s top school, and the school’s motto of  “Labor omnia vincit”, which translates as “Work conquers all” says everything about the attitude which underpins all the school and the staff do.

Saltus School has grown and changed a lot since it was first built back in 1888 for older pupils with a gift of cash from Samuel Saltus, whose name was honored forever in the naming of the building.

In 1966 Saltus school management made immediate use of legal changes which allowed multi-racial schools to operate, and some three decades later they became co-ed too. In 1972 a second hall was added to cater for younger learners, followed by extra facilities which included a library, science labs and a pool.

The vision of Saltus School

The primary goal of all that Saltus offers is for it to lead to a fantastic education – an experience which allows each pupil to identify and reach their own potential, and gradate fully prepared for what lays ahead for them.

Most students will attend universities in other parts of the world, whether that’s Europe, Canada, the US or elsewhere; making the need for a global approach to teaching and information sharing pretty essential.


Saltus is an International Experience

Students from over 25 different nations are enrolled at Saltus, with around 30% from America and the UK, and 60% or so hailing from Bermuda.

Approximately one-third of them are from North America and the U.K. while 63% are from Bermuda.

The Facilities at Saltus School

Foundation year students have two outside playgrounds and a large field they can access, while facilities for the older pupils (in another area) include a modern gym, pool, the Reiss Library, a computer suite and the Henry Hallett Art, and Music Facility.

Saltus is about an all-round experience

Learning involves more than just following classroom lessons, and at Saltus life is designed to help pupils get the most out of all aspects of life, from the academic to the social. Students make friends for life as they share the same experiences and create lasting memories together, in an environment where there is a space for both fact learning and creative thinking, for active bodies along with active minds.

Each pupil attending Saltus is seen as an individual, with recognized strengths and weaknesses that are catered for – and the right to have every chance to become their best selves is fully recognized. The programmes are designed to help children love learning, and either harness or build their confidence to push forward and explore the world through the varied options this education system offers.

For example, the pre-teen learning programme combines immense respect for a child’s abilities, a solid pupil-teacher relationship which encourages learning, and a strong connection to the local community as a three-pronged approach to building confidence and positive thinking.

This holistic approach to topics offered reflects the core belief that no one aspect of learning is more important than another. Consequently, the arts and other creative elements are not considered add-ons when budgets allow it, but as important as all others.

Pupils with Additional Needs

Dedicated staff help identify, manage, and support the extra needs which some students have while in the school system. This covers a wide range of challenges, from those based on reading and speaking difficulties, to emotional and physical influences which create the need for extra support in some way.

Tuition and Other Fees at Saltus School


The annual payment for tuition (currently around $24,000) is due in full by July 1st, and subject to an additional fee these can be paid in stages via a payment plan. These involve:


  • Two payments, each covering 50% of total and due July and January 1st, plus an extra admin fee of around $440.


  • Ten payments of equal parts made on the 1st of each month from July through to April, with an extra fee for admin of around $900.


There are several other expenses to cover, including:

  • An enrolment fee of $1000 is necessary to secure any offer made to a prospective student. This is a one-off payment which is not refundable, and does not get deducted from tuition or other fees.
  • A $75 fee for all students to cover technology costs such as the internet and network storage.
  • A printing fee of $10 per 100 sheets, applied to year 7+ middle and senior pupils who use all of their 400 sheets a year (free) allowance.
  • (Optional) music fees. ($55 for each 30 minutes).
  • (Optional) year book fee of $65.
  • Misc fees for things like study guides and exams.

Payment Methods

Bank transfer (both local and international), cash, standing order or cheque are all options available for processing fee payments.

Help with Fees

Saltus School offers student’s families access to a company known as FAST, which stands for Financial Aid and School Tuition. Their work involves creating reports which suggest the percentage of financial help a pupil could be offered to cover the school fees. The results are sent to the school’s dedicated committee that decides how much help each applicant is eligible for.

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