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Here are a list of Bermudian Resources I have been collecting, the island of Bermuda maybe small but we do pack a lot in for sure.Bermudian news our local news service, has a great website

and of course our island paper the Royal Gazette

I post often on my Reddit Account about Bermy

Now I am contributing also to Brass Kangaroo, because they have Bermudian content now also.

I also have been developing a section on a popular RSS feed site called Bloglovin, check out Bermudian Life on Bloglovin, it doesn’t seem to get much traction but I am steadily picking up visitors and followers so maybe given time etc.

Working up a nice section on Mix – its a new social media site I’ve found, I really like it and it reminds me of bloglovin also. Check out my Bermudian section on Mix.

Also tried out Bored Panda – its a fun sort of place see my post about the Crystal Caves

Been developing over the last few months some photography from Bermuda – I’ve pulled it together and made a collection of it on Behance – check out Bermuda on Behance!

Article about Bermuda by John Malcolm

Personal Blog on UK Politics

Growing a gallery of Bermy pics over at 500px also

I’ve now launched my own Bermuda Daily newspaper! See my mini site

Also got a section going over on Buzzfeed now check me out there.