Bermuda Websites

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I’ve spent a bit of time on a friends website lately helping him out, he also Tweets a lot and after a bit of arm twisting I am getting him to Tweet about Bermy

Working on websites and twitter all day sounds great, but is pretty hard work and for very little if any rewards or so it seems, maybe myself and my buddy aren’t cut out to be web stars after all!

Anyway it is kite flying time in Bermy which is our Easter national tradition, so here is a kite pic!

I created a small french blog of all things today, check out my attempt at a french translation this one is about the Crystal Caves.

These last years I’ve been working for KPMG in Bermuda, there are a regular stream of youngsters, newly qualified coming over which is great fun, a lot of them go on to the USA or Canada before returning home.  A few times they have offered me international postings, but the whole family is settled here now so I never give it a thought these days.

Bermuda Fashion company – doesn’t seem to have any real connection to Bermy other than they are making a play based on the name.

Something similar with this one Bermuda Digital Print Ltd, can’t find any actual Bermuda link to those guys other than they use the Bermy name in their registration!

As I find more Bermudian companies with a UK and a Bermy connection I will add them here, meanwhile keep checking back to see how this section is expanding.