Knowing the Beautiful Stone Houses of Bermuda

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Bermuda is a beautiful place to be for a holiday or for a living if anyone wants to. Along with the pink beaches and blue waters, Bermuda is known for the beautiful homes that it possesses. Once you venture into the islands, you will be greeted by houses that have been beautifully painted and somehow appear similar. The houses of Bermuda have gone through changes for a period of time and the current appearance kind of emerged in the 17th century. As the islands are quite isolated from the mainland, they have grown their own unique style which has been influenced by British and Caribbean tastes.

The town of St George and the east-end fortification were named a World Heritage Sight by UNESCO in 2000. The houses there are filled with the history of Bermuda. Along with homes, Bermuda holds many military housings and bases which denote the position of the island in former ages.


Some Features of Houses in Bermuda

Every place we visit has some features of their own. The houses speak of their history, culture and the way of living. Even in Bermuda modernization has given way to new houses and structures that are found all over the world but mostly it is confined to the city of Hamilton. Other than that there are some features that are unique to the place itself:

  • The Bermuda houses are quite distinct for the white roofs that they hold. The white roof is made of special slates, and then they are whitewashed to make them non-porous. The slates are fitted to give grooves or steps to the roofs, and they are there for a reason. As Bermuda is a group of islands, it doesn’t have natural water sources. So, the people living in the houses collect water from rain being collected in the reservoirs through the roofs. But unlike popular belief the water isn’t consumed straight from there, people often filter it to get rid of impurities. But due to the increasing population and tourism, Government has also started making water through reverse osmosis from sea water, and people can purchase it if they want. Today people often rely on imported faux slates, and they have to be changed periodically to keep the roof intact.
  • The Bermuda houses are made of stone which is often porous, and so they are painted beautifully with pastel colors like pink, blue and yellow to make them waterproof. This also makes it unique to the islands just like their Bermuda shorts. The walls are made in such a way that they can withstand the frequent hurricanes that the islands face.


  • The houses are also required to build cesspits to store the sewage and drainage of individual houses. The island is mainly made of limestone, so it is not possible to make a central sewage system. The cesspits are cleared out from time to time by calling commercial companies. They are made at a distance from water tanks and lenses.
  • The houses are often built on slopes, so there is a flight of stairs leading to the houses. The staircase is often broad initially and then tapers to be a narrow size. The staircase is often guarded by arms.
  • Each and every house is also accompanied by a chimney that helps in the emission of smoke.

Some Features That Used To Be In Old Houses of Bermuda

  • The houses were often built of the Bermuda cedar which was widely available, but soon they realized it was easily damaged by harsh winds.
  • The houses used to have a buttery to accommodate food and perishable goods before the invention of the refrigerator.
  •  The houses often have wooden fences guarding them.
  • The kitchen was often separated from the main house and has a wide raised chimney. This was often done to avoid house fires.


Houses to Visit in Bermuda

  • The Charter House is located in the St. David’s Island, and it is believed to be one of the oldest houses that were constructed in Bermuda in 1640.
  • The Camden House possesses the features of the 1700’s Georgian Architecture and currently houses the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.
  • The Tucker House was constructed in 1750, and Colonel Tucker moved into it in 1775.
  • The Verdmont Historic house remained unchanged in the glory of 300 years and was constructed by intertwining 17th and 18th-century architecture. The houses have pink walls and possess a great view of the sea.
  • Waterville is a historic house which housed the Triminghamfamily, and it was built in 1725. Now it holds the Bermuda National Trust.

The islands are filled with beautiful houses, and due to modern influence, people have also ventured into building new style houses. But the colorful houses with white roofs will never fail to mesmerize anyone who sees them for the first time.