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I watch most days the local news, its a great way of keeping up to date with everything going on, even though the island is so small its you don’t always get to hear about every event and so on.

Take a look at ZBM, I watch this every evening. I watched the race you can see towards the end of the news item, it was really great.  The interesting thing about the news here is there is very little if any international news, all coverage is about local events and activities, it really creates a nice friendly atmosphere.   You have to tune in to an international news channel to find out what is going on in the wider world.

The good thing is that only good things tend to happen here, there is crime of course, drug related mostly but its limited to a very small group of people and certain locations.  Bermuda has it own fashion and traditions such as Gumbi, which all get a good amount and deservedly so coverage.

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