Bermudian national holidays

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We are lucky in Bermuda in that we have 10 national or bank holiday days off, these are great fun and always a reasonable excuse to have a party or to get up to something fun.

Christmas is a particular special event of course, but in Bermuda we all go down to the beach and dress up as Santa at the same time.  It is a very strange mix for a British man, but someone the whole family quickly got used to.

Here is pic taken just down from Elbow beach to get you the idea of the fun atmosphere there is!



I’ve setup a little blog as something of a idea it is based on my thought that a lot of people probably search for national holidays dates for their own country and other ones they are plannign to visit.  Of course I’ve created a page on that also for Bermuda and its Bermudian national holidays

My idea is in time to cover all the major countries of the world and maybe make a small amount of income from the traffic that comes from that at the same time.   I enjoy my web projects, even though I am very limited on time, due to the family and my work here in Bermy.