The Gibbs Lighthouse

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“The Gibbs Lighthouse – Bermuda”

 The Gibbs Lighthouse in Bermuda is one the most famous tourist attraction in not only Southampton Parish but also in the whole world. This light house is one of its own kind. It was made from cast iron, the oldest of its own kind in the world.

The construction of this lighthouse started in 1844 and completed in 1846. And opened for the public in same year. This light house was built by Royal Engineers.

The Gibbs Lighthouse:

The Gibbs Lighthouse is located on a hill in Southampton Parish. Since it is on a hill which means it can give you a broad view of the whole Southampton Parish. The height of the lighthouse is 245 feet from the sea level. I can be seen from long distances; its own height is 117 feet. It won’t be wrong to say that The Gibbs Lighthouse is the most famous attraction of Southampton Parish.

If you have ever been there, then you must know what is the best things of this lighthouse? If not, don’t worry, I’m here to tell you.

Splendid View:

If you want a broad and stunning view of whole Bermuda island and its beautiful shorelines then you have to go to top of this lighthouse. You will be stunned by the beautiful view of the island and if you go there on time of sunset, then consider yourself lucky. You will feel on top of the world.

There is one problem, well not problem, it’s a hurdle in order to go to top of this lighthouse. That hurdle is that you have to climb 185-step spiral staircase in order to get on top of the lighthouse. Yes, desires completion costs something. If you can climb those steps, nothing can stop you from enjoying the best show in Southampton Parish.

This climbing is not that hard if you take it easy and move slowly but consistently. There are 8 floors in this lighthouse with galleries, these galleries exhibit the history of this legendary lighthouse and things related to this lighthouse. If you are tired then go to these galleries and give yourself some rest.

At the top of the tower, a 1000-watt bulb is placed inside a revolving lens. The light of this bulb can be seen by ships from 40-mile distance and by airplanes, this light can be seen from 120 miles and from the altitude of almost 10,000 feet. This lighthouse also helps to navigate ships. Though in this time ships use modern technologies for navigation but still The Gibbs Lighthouse keeping it conventional, helping the ships as a backup plan.

Facts about The Gibbs Lighthouse:

Well many articles have been written on this historic Lighthouse, there is a lot of interesting facts about this Lighthouse. Let’s throw some light on these interesting facts.

185 steps:

In order to enjoy a panoramic view of the Southampton Parish island, you have to climb 185 spiral staircases. No elevator is installed there. But your efforts would be worthy.

Shines every time:

The 1000-watt bulb on it spreads its light 24/7. Since its opening day, it has been spreading light and never stopped. Because in ancient times it was used to navigate ships.

Purpose of this Lighthouse:

Now at this time lighthouse is an attraction but in ancient times when it was built, one of the many purpose of this lighthouse was to navigate ships because many ships were getting wrecked by the hidden reefs around this island. So, it was also a purpose of this historic lighthouse.

Whale watching:

If you are a fan of whales or your like to watch big mammals, then add this destination in your go to list. Specially in springs, when Whales start their annual journey to northern feeding ground, this is the best shot you can get to watch these beautiful creatures of nature. This view will hold your breath. From the top of the lighthouse, you can watch this view.

Made of oldest iron:

This lighthouse is made up of cast iron, which is the oldest kind of iron on earth. This lighthouse has no competition when it comes to unique things.

Huge bulb:

In ancient times kerosene oil was used to light the lighthouse. But now 1000-watt and 2.75-ton electric bulb is used. Which spreads it light to miles of distance. This light can be seen by ships from distance of 40 miles and by airplanes, this light can be seen from 120 miles and at a height of 10,000 feet.

Queen’s View:

Queen’s view is a spot in The Gibbs Lighthouse, where once her Majesty Queen Elizabeth || paid a visit in 1953 and the spot where she stood and took some views of the great island is now called Queen’s view. Well no match for the queen but standing at that spot, you can have same view as her Majesty had.

Important Information about Lighthouse:

If you have made your mind and you want to go there, this information might need your attention.

Admission fee – 2.50$

Opening time – 10am to 4pm

This lighthouse is closed in February and Christmas for maintenance work.

So, do not make yourself feel awkward by going there in February and Christmas.

This is attraction is the backbones of tourism in Southampton Parish. If you are very fond of traveling, then this is your place to go as it offers great view for photography as well.