Dive into the Beauty of Bermudian Art

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Bermuda, a place where the pink sandy beaches meet the blue ocean waters to create a mesmerizing beauty of nature. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this island is a perfect destination to fulfill all your holiday plan desires. Throughout the year, tourists from all around the world flock the island in order to enjoy the beautiful weather and the breath-taking beauty of nature. Bermuda is a place that is blessed with a plenty of nature’s offerings starting from 34 beaches to numerous volcanoes that is sure to win your hearts. Once you set foot on the island, you are bound to get lost in its rich beauty.

The island has something to offer to everyone, and thus, there’s no chance that anyone will ever go disappointed from this place. Starting from natural beauty to man-made recreation, you can enjoy every bit of it in this amazing place. The place is not only rich in natural beauty but, it also has a rich connection with art. For people who are true art lovers, they are sure to enjoy and get inspired by the rich Bermudian art. Since, 1987 the Masterworks Foundation have been collecting numerous drawings, paintings, photographs and more by famous artists from Canada, America, France, United Kingdom, and many other locations.

The sole objective of the Masterworks Foundation is to exhibit this increasing collection of Bermudian art for the entertainment and education of its people and visitors. And, for this very purpose, the Museum of Bermuda Art by the Masterworks Foundation was established in the year 2008 to provide a permanent home and showcase for these historical treasures.


Things to Know About the Museum of Bermuda Art

With the establishment of the Museum of Bermuda Art, the increasing number of art collection not only got their permanent home but it also gave the opportunity to the residents of Bermuda island and the visitors to learn and get inspired by the Bermudian art. Nestled inside the Botanical Gardens located in the Paget Parish, this grand undertaking is now the home of more than 1500 paintings, drawings, watercolors, lithographs, etchings, sculptures, photographs, memorabilia, furniture, collectibles and much more. If you are an admirer of art, this place is perhaps the heaven on earth for you.

  • Since the foundation of the Museum of Bermuda Art in 2008, it has been organizing world-class art exhibitions for the art lovers from all around the world. Because of this, the cultural heritage and the artistic legacy of Bermuda have grown and influenced many.
  • This 16,000 square feet museum consists of 3 galleries that showcase some 1500 masterpieces which include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and much more.
  • The three galleries of the museum are named as follows: the Butterfield Family Gallery which is the main gallery, Richard Faries Gallery which is named after the late Chairman of the Masterworks Foundation and the third gallery which is known as the Bank of Bermuda Foundation Mezzaine.
  • One of the walls in the Butterfield Family Gallery has a quote inscribed on it from Tom Butterfield who is the founder director.




  • In the Museum of Bermuda Art, you will find the original work of famous artists such as Ogden Pleissner who was famous for his watercolor paintings, Georgia O’Keeffe who made excellent paintings back in the 1930s and Winslow Homer who was well-known for his amazing seascape paintings.
  • The display of art is changed every six months. Regular art exhibitions are hosted by the museum that comprises of work from both resident and local artists. So if you ever happened to find yourself under the sky of Bermuda, you may have the chance to witness one of their grand art exhibitions.
  • The museum also organizes other programs such as art camps for kids, art in the park festivals, workshops, painters’ picnic and much more. And the best part about these programs is that even the visitors are allowed to participate in it. So, make sure, you do not lose out on such an opportunity to showcase your talent.
  • The Museum of Bermuda Art is large enough to have a classroom, a library, conservation and storage rooms for the preservation of the artwork.
  • Along with the artwork, you can also enjoy some tea and snacks at the Homer’s Cafe that is set up in the museum right next to the Rose Gardens of Camden House. Also, there’s a cozy reading room upstairs that consists of several books for you to read. So, if, you want you can enjoy some reading sitting on one of the comfortable chairs.

The Museum of Bermuda Art is one of the main tourist attraction spot on the island. Whether you are an art lover or not, you simply cannot afford to miss visiting this place.