Explore the Tale of Bermuda from Its National Museum


The National Museum of Bermuda was previously Bermuda Maritime Museum situated in Sandys’ dockyard. The inception of the museum began in 1974 and after that still continues to exhibitions and various programs to educate students and tourists raising it to the fame of National Museum of Bermuda. It was only in December 2009 that the […]

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Visit Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute: Worth A Memorable Vacation


In order to boost the understanding regarding the underwater mysteries and diversity under the crust of sea water, the BUEI or Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute was opened in the year 1997 which governs the knowledge regarding the significant shipwrecks from the past in Bermuda. Institute also provides you with a tour of amazingly build artifacts […]

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Take A Walk Around the Glowing Coloured Beaches of Bermuda


If you desire to step out of your colourless days and have a get attraction towards the enchanted city of Bermuda, then you must give a visit to the abode of million colours- sea glass beach of Bermuda. This unique beach could be found covered completely with mesmerising and colourful sea glasses all over the […]

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Dive into the Beauty of Bermudian Art


Bermuda, a place where the pink sandy beaches meet the blue ocean waters to create a mesmerizing beauty of nature. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this island is a perfect destination to fulfill all your holiday plan desires. Throughout the year, tourists from all around the world flock the island in order to enjoy […]

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Wander Along the Beauty of The Bermuda Railway Trail


Spreading throughout the island from dot to dot, Bermuda railway train is definitely the most vivid and gorgeous natural scenic temptation in Bermuda that provides the overwhelming opportunity of exploring Bermuda island. It is spread across 18 miles in this park along with the abandoned railway trial out of 22 meters of original railway track. […]

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Knowing the Beautiful Stone Houses of Bermuda


Bermuda is a beautiful place to be for a holiday or for a living if anyone wants to. Along with the pink beaches and blue waters, Bermuda is known for the beautiful homes that it possesses. Once you venture into the islands, you will be greeted by houses that have been beautifully painted and somehow […]

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Experience of Shopping in Bermuda’s Capital, Hamilton


Bermuda is a beautiful place lined with the Blue Ocean and sandy beaches. It must be in your must visit places and can be your next holiday destination. Bermuda is beautiful, airy and filled with nature’s best offerings. Tourists flock the place all year round to take the essence of nature and the beautiful weather. […]

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The Appeal of the Bermuda Perfumery ‘Lili Bermuda’


Bermuda is an archipelago of 181 islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the British Overseas Territory.  The islands are dotted with beautiful beaches and clear blue water which draws numerous tourists around the year. The island also possesses several volcanoes which make it more appealing. Tourists love to tour around the […]

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A Guide to the Beautiful Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda has lots to offer tourists, and there’s no doubt that its 34 beaches, which if combined would stretch for over 70 miles, are a major attraction. From secluded beaches perfect for a romantic rendezvous or spot of meditation, to family friendly locations , there’s a beach to suit all tastes. Although a third of […]

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