A Guide to the Beautiful Beaches in Bermuda ?>

A Guide to the Beautiful Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda has lots to offer tourists, and there’s no doubt that its 34 beaches, which if combined would stretch for over 70 miles, are a major attraction. From secluded beaches perfect for a romantic rendezvous or spot of meditation, to family friendly locations , there’s a beach to suit all tastes. Although a third of all public beaches are found in South Shore National Park, there are beaches in every parish of Bermuda; so wherever you decide to stay you’ll…

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Tall Ships come to Bermuda ?>

Tall Ships come to Bermuda

From time to time the Famous Tall Ships arrive in Bermuda, these wonderful boats are a great reminder of Bermuda’s maritime past.   The Government and Harbour authority organise a series of events to make the most of the spectacle, both for the crews involved and for tourists.     These really are wonderful ships. The spectacle and the colours are really something

Crystal Caves ?>

Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves are a definite must-see for visitors to Bermuda. This is nature at her dramatic best, showcasing mystical rock formations formed over 1.5 million years ago during the Pleistocene Ice Age, and the clearest lake water you will ever see. What to Expect The caves, which were discovered by accident in 1907, take their name from the hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites which shimmer like crystals in this magical illuminated space 120 feet (36 metres) below ground. Also underground…

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Films with a Bermuda Connection! ?>

Films with a Bermuda Connection!

Over the years I’ve probably watched just about every film that has a connection to Bermuda (or Bermy as it is called locally).  Here is my list, I’ll keep updating it.. The Deep This was probably my favourite and the first I watched.   The plot involves Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte as a honeymooning couple who get mixed up with a drugs gang.  It is pretty dated now but Jacqueline does look fantastic !  

Michael Douglas on Bermuda & America’s Cup May 27 2017 ?>

Michael Douglas on Bermuda & America’s Cup May 27 2017

Michael on Bermuda news – care of Youtube Michael Douglas the famous Hollywood Actor has a family connection to Bermuda, his mother’s family have lived here for 400 years, and he and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones had a home here until recently also.  Micahel kindly performed the traditional “roof” wetting ceremony which kicked off the America’s cup.  Its great that we have a heavy weight like him that we can call on!  

Bermuda Botanical Gardens – a Treat for All Visitors to the Islands ?>

Bermuda Botanical Gardens – a Treat for All Visitors to the Islands

Just a short drive from Hamilton, in Paget Parish, you can find the wonderful Bermuda Botanical Gardens. One of Bermuda’s National Parks, this is 36 acres of nature at its finest – the gardens were established in 1898, and show off native plants and trees, plus lots of flowers, cacti, shrubs and beautiful orchids. Important Information It’s free to visit the Botanical Gardens, and opening hours are basically sunrise to sunset. (Be careful you don’t wander off and get locked in….

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America cup coming to Bermuda ?>

America cup coming to Bermuda

Bermuda is full of surprises. The fact that the country is actually a collection of 180+ islands is one of them; and that this relatively tiny nation, (population around 60k), is hosting the 35th America’s Cup is probably another. The fun starts in late May, as confident sailors with powerful boats compete in the qualifiers of this long standing competition, sponsored by Louis Vuitton. As it runs on right through June there will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to…

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Bermuda Railway ?>

Bermuda Railway

There used to be a railway line on Bermuda!   Its such a shame that it was sold as it would have been a fantastic tourist attraction even if the only a small part of the line was retained. The UK has many Heritage lines and these are gradually expanded and they are a wonderful tourist attraction in their own rights.   Bermuda used to have a railway, and now it has a railway trail!  With less than 22 miles…

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Good Friday ?>

Good Friday

A lovely tradition here in Bermuda is to fly kites and eat fish cakes on Good Friday.  The weather was really good so of course I did both.